[30-Day Letter Challenge] Day 4: Your Sibling (or closest relative)

24 Sep

Well, since I don’t exactly have a sibling, so I’ll get the closest relative

My dearest cousin,

Thank you for listening to everything I have to let out with regards to my inner thoughts. You know better than my parents about my personal life. Not that I don’t trust them, but I feel awkward telling it to them. At least I have you, who is the same age as me, to at least understand and tolerate my sentiments.

Also, thank you for also telling me your inner sentiments. To be honest, I feel like you are my best friend inside this clan of ours.

On the lighter side, thanks for the childhood. Thanks for acting as my sibling when I needed one to play with. Thanks for having patience to handle my immaturity during those times. Thank you for retaining your patience until now that we are, sort of, grown ups.

I’m so sorry for the times I felt so greedy and tried to get more than what is given to you. Sorry for the times I made you cry because I wanted to win. Sorry for the times I tried to bring you down.

Now, I just want to thank you for being my best friend in this clan.

Hope to see you more often. I love you! ❤




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