[30-Day Letter Challenge] Day 5: Your Dreams

25 Sep

Hm. Okay, Hi Dreams! Hahaha

Right now, I’m not exactly sure what you are, but I have paths waiting.

First in my list is my nursing dream.

Well, LOL. Obviously. I just want you to wait for a bit, and soon enough, in 2-3 years, I will get you. I pray to God to guide me in this path so I could achieve you.

Second is my writer dreams.

Every now and then, I try to write. I write oneshots, and recently, I’m preparing for a 10-chaptered story, and for the long run, I have been planing for a 3-book series of a story that is close to my heart. Even in my busiest days, I never forget my dreams of becoming a writer. After I become a nurse, I promise you, I will get you.

Third is my teaching dreams.

Ever since, I wanted to be a teacher. Well, right now, the clearest path that I could go into to get to you is to finish my nursing dreams to teach high school. You know, I always wanted to go back to my high school. Either to teach, or to become a nurse. I always wanted to go back to DPS, where most of my memories happened. The most important events of my life happened there.

This next dream is optional, but it’s my medical school dreams.

Recently, people around me are pressuring me to get you. I’m not sure though if I’m still diligent enough to get you after my nursing dreams. Right now, honestly, I’m struggling with my nursing dreams. With God’s help and guidance, I would be able to decide if I should take you. In God’s time. 🙂

In God’s perfect time, I would be able to achieve all of you. Just you wait.



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