[30-Day Letter Challenge] Day 6: A Stranger

26 Sep

Well, Hi, stranger.

You’re technically a stranger to me, because I have no idea who you are, what your name is, where you are from, what’s your course, or whatever. I always see you around the area of my last class during Mondays and Thursdays during the first two-thirds of this semester. But since I don’t see you around the campus during my freshman days, I think you are a freshman.

Yes, I do not know you, but you remind me of someone close to my heart.

To be frank, you remind me of my ex, well, love.

You look like him. You dress like him. You wear glasses like him. You have the same height as him. The only difference is that, well, you’re in UP, and I don’t know you.

If I would be given the chance, I would want to know, at least, your name. And maybe, this whole letter and this whole concept would be something we would laugh at when we become friends.

Oh, well, all I can say right now is, Welcome to UP. I hope you’re enjoying your stay.

PS. I have no intentions of crushing on you, and eventually falling in love with you. Because right now, I can feel within myself, that finally, I’m starting to move on.


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