[30-Day Letter Challenge] Day 7: Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

28 Sep

Okay, for this one, let’s choose the ex-crush. :>

Well, Hi!

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I do hope you remember my name. From the first time we met, and from that day you agreed to take a photo with me.

You’re not exactly my ex-crush. I just found a person that I found myself attracted to stronger than my attraction to you.

Gusto ko lang sabihin na isa ka sa mga hinahangaan kong tao sa UPM. I found out some things about you that, well, you might consider a bit personal, but for it, I salute you.

Every time I see you around the campus, I always notice you smiling.

Never did I know that behind that smile, the smile that once brightened up my days, were things that are hard to handle.

I won’t go into detail about what I found out about you and your family, but despite it, I salute you for being so optimistic, and working hard to achieve your dreams and eventually help your family.

Despite your brains which probably got you into UP, I admire your excellence in writing, dancing, your faith, your optimism and your toughness.

Right now, I got the idea that you are focused in finishing your studies before anything else. I salute you for that. Keep on going. Reach for that dream. While in the silence, I would be rooting for you.

And hopefully, in the near future, you would be successful in your endeavors.

I pray for you and your family.

God Bless! 🙂

PS. I really like your smile and your dimples. Hihi.


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