[For My Infatuated Self] Mini-Rant #1

17 Nov

It’s been a week since classes started.

And I’m not quite liking the situation.

Or more like I haven’t gotten used to it just yet.

We see each other only three times a week.

And we’re classmates in only 2 subjects out of 5.

I mean, come on. Why.

In one of the 3 subjects, we’re only few rooms apart. Unlike in the other 2, we’re buildings apart.

The things I do just to see him in that one class in which we’re only few rooms apart?

I go to the comfort room. 

On the way to the comfort room, I pass by their classroom. Sometimes I walk intentionally slowly just to peek through the glass embedded on the door and identify where he’s seated. Or actually, to see him.

Which reminds me. There’s a similar scene in Crazy Little Thing Called Love wherein Nam asked permission to leave the room to “go to the restroom” but actually went to pass by Shone’s classroom.

LOL self. So high school. But yeah, keep it up, self. This could be your compensatory mechanism for not seeing him everyday for this semester.


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