29 Nov

This post has been staying in the queue list for a long time. Anyway, to finally start this post…


How do we view change? A good thing, or a bad thing? Usually, we see it as a bad thing.

“Uy, huwag kang magbabago ah?”
“Sana hindi ka magbago.”
“Nagbago ka na.”

These phrases, usually coming from our friends, what do they really mean?

When they don’t want us to change, they tell us to stay as we are, but in a dynamic world like ours, can we really prevent change?

Why does “nagbago ka na” usually have a bad connotation? They think they don’t know us anymore, but I think, and I believe, that it’s possible to change in a good way, for the better.

Most of the time, being changed by people or changing people has a bad connotation. Why?

Why do we try to prevent change? Are we too scared of the risk that by changing a person, you might not know him/her anymore? What if it is for the better? Will you still prevent that change for a person?

Now, getting to the point. Why do I say this?

A few years back, I hear advices from my friends like, “don’t let other people change you.”

I see this in the same context as, “huwag kang magpapabago dahil lang sa crush mo.”

But then again, why?

So what if you’re changing for your crush? What if your crush is a good person?

Well, yes, at first, you might go with the change just because of petty emotions. But as you go along, you tend to get used to the change, that even though it wasn’t because of your crush, you are liking the change. What if God just uses your crush to lead you back to His plans for you?

Well, then, that is a good change. I assume you will agree.

So yes, I’m liking your influence to me, and I’m liking this change.


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