Jealousy Ruins Lives And Destroys Cities

24 Dec

Thought Catalog

Growing up in a family of hard astrology believers, I’ve always been told to stay weary of jealousy and its fearsome claws that split your soul. Being born a Scorpio, I have always been told to never succumb to this feeling, to separate myself from it, even if it means creating a distance from the people causing it. Jealousy was the thing that terrified everyone; it ruined lives and crumbled cities.

So as I grew, I thought I was doing pretty well. I was hardly ever jealous of other kids on the playground. If their houses were bigger, if they had more toys, if they had twenty pets or that the teacher might have liked them better never really mattered. All I knew was that what I had was what I had, and I should be happy and grateful about it. All I knew was that I had the choice…

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