[Random] Favorite Moments of 2013

31 Dec

Well, it’s a bit mainstream, but yes. I would like to run down on the moments that made my 2013 special. Using photos. Shall we start? 😉

February 1 – DPSM Week Variety Show 

GSP Auditorium

Feb 1

Wacky? Haha.

(With Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas and Fabbette Laire Lagas)

February 11 – Sir Mong’s Birthday

Max’s Robinsons Place Manila

Feb 11 (2)

SLRVCBAPS! Pero kulang. 😦

(With Conie Mai Gray, Misha Louise Delariarte, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Samantha Noelle Aquino, Gibrianne Alistaire Ramos, Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, and Keren Lois Medina)

Feb 11 (1)

Groupie ng slight. Haha!

(With Fabbette Laire Lagas, Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, and Conie Mai Gray)

Feb 11 (3)

Kilegs ng slight. Hahaha! :”>

(With Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas)

February 24 – Panagbenga Festival

Session Road, Baguio City

Feb 24

Dahil feeling ko siya ang highlight ng Panagbenga. Hahaha. Daniel Matsunaga! :”>

April 10 – Visit to Sinto, Bauko

Sinto, Bauko, Mountain Province

April 10

Four years ko rin pinangarap na makadalaw dito. Finally!

April 17 – Tamara’s 18th

The Lounge, Tomas Morato

(Not sure if the official photos got uploaded already haha)

I took this as a highlight, since it was my first time and my last time to drink. Hehe. Well, I didn’t get drunk, though.

May 11 – Kat’s 18th

Great Eastern Hotel

May 11 (1)

Balita ko kasi, si Jayson lang kasama ko sa photo. -_- Jk. Haha!

(With Jayson Fulgueras… and Tristan Angelo Ramirez and Juzmend Francez Therese Abriam right behind us)

May 11 (2)

Photobomber talaga o. Haha!

(With Lavilla Dauag and Katrina Mae Cajilla…and Tristan Ramirez right behind)

May 11 (3)

The debutante!

(With Katrina Magbojos)

May 17 – Laire and Gianne’s Joint Birthday Celebration

Yakimix Robinson’s Place Manila

May 17 (2)

Bagnol pose daw. Hahaha! Pero pasaway si Gianne. -_-

(With Keren Lois Medina, Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, and Gibrianne Alistaire Ramos)

May 17 (1)

SLRVCBAPS! Pero kulang parin. Kailan ba tayo magkakaroon ng kumpletong photo. -_-

(With Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Gibrianne Alistaire Ramos, Kyla Marion Maulion, Misha Louise Delariarte, Samantha Noelle Aquino, and Keren Lois Medina)

July 27 – Alexander Fan Party in Manila

Cinema 4, SM Megamall

July 27 (1)

Group Photo Op…pero tagumpay ang plano namin ni Jannah. Huehuehue. Tabi tabi din.

July 27 (3)

Opo. Nakakatunaw po. :”> Nasa kanya na ang lahat!

July 27 (2)

An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime of a fan girl. I am one blessed fan girl. Thank you, Xander! 🙂

August 27 – First Clinical Duty

Philippine General Hospital

(Hi groupmates hanggang ngayon wala parin tayong group picture huhu)

Ward 2 – Male Surgical Ward. My dear patients, I hope you’re doing fine right now~

September 18 – First Community Duty

Pedro Gil Health Center

(Kahit sa community, wala paring photo huhuhu)

Batangas Line, San Andres Bukid. My dear client! I do hope you already stopped smoking, since you promised me that the next time we see each other, you’re not a smoker anymore. Haha!

November 9 – Debut

The Sulo Riviera Hotel

Nov 9 (3)

(With Immanueliza Raza, Elyzza Mae Nava, Jaycel Prado, Katrina Mae Cajilla, Holly Faith Clavano, John Paul Lesaca, Vincent Angelo Inciong, Angelo Jesus Orallo, Nigel Tayone, and Abbygale Alvaro)

Nov 9 (8)

(With Isiah Marie Rasalan, Jezra Irene Naidas, Kim Timan, Raewyn Mae Canio, Rebekah Bethel Reyes, and Angel Limuel Raza)

Nov 9 (7)

(With Tamara Lalwani, Jennica Rayel, Jenny Mae Meman, Juzmend Francez Therese Abriam, Rica Jean Tugano, Lavilla Dauag, and Angela Tumaneng)

Nov 9 (6)

(With Jayson Fulgueras, Katrina Magbojos, Keith Stephanie Go, Robyn Chelsea Benitez, Kristine Louise Perez, Shekinah Malimban, John Jeremiah Gozum, Patricia Arbolado, Pauline Anne Marasigan, Patricia Stephanie Go, and Tristan Angelo Ramirez)

Nov 9 (5)

(With Czarina Tuazon, Lika Mizukoshi, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Joshua Santillan, Florence Roselle Adalin, Micahella Jane Merencilla, Eiryll Kathreen De Jose, Samantha Noelle Aquino, Samantha Yzobelle Bayhonan, Irish Paullen Palomeno, Neil Roy Rosales, Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, and Faisal Jackarain)

Nov 9 (4)

SLRVCBAPS! ❤ Still not complete though. 😦

(With Samantha Noelle Aquino, Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Kyla Marion Maulion, Conie Mai Gray, Gibrianne Alistaire Ramos, and Misha Louise Delariarte)

Nov 9 (1)

Photobooth! Hihihi. :”>

(With Sir Ronald Florendo Llarenas)

Nov 9 (2)

Eh ang lakas maka-issue, eh ‘di sakyan ang issue, diba, Josh? Haha!

(With Joshua Santillan)

November 23 – Naya’s 18th

Jollibee Don Antonio

Nov 23 (2)

With the debutante and others. Haha!

(With Shekinah Malimban, Pauline Anne Marasigan, Jochelle Caryl Flores, Kristine Louise Perez, Patricia Arbolado, Katrina Magbojos, and Keith Stephanie Go)

Nov 23 (1)

4A!! ❤ With extras hihi

(With Katrina Magbojos, John Jeremiah Gozum, Kristine Louise Perez, John Paul Lesaca, Ethel Grace Tibon, Keith Stephanie Go, Shekinah Malimban, Norman Audric Castro, Pauline Anne Marasigan, Robyn Chelsea Benitez, Jayson Fulgueras, Patricia Arbolado, Ma’am Kalayaan Marikit Minimo, and Tristan Angelo Ramirez)

December 7 – A Christmas Carol

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Dec 7 (1)

The Ghost of the Christmas Present! Yes, we all adore the costume. To be honest, while I was watching, I thought the he was a girl. -_-

(With Joshua Santillan, Alyssa Gayle Merilles, Charlotte Kyne Conejar, Lykee Angelique Padilla, Samantha Yzobelle Bayhonan, Aneliese Torres, Jenishia Maria Romano, Benedict Mark Bunal, and Maria Alexandra Santos)

Dec 7 (2)

Dinner @ The Chicken Rice Shop Harbour Square. Treat ng slight ni Josh, na birthday kinabukasan niyan. Haha!

(With Eiryll Kathreen De Jose, Joshua Santillan, Charlotte Kyne Conejar, Samantha Yzobelle Bayhonan, Faye Margaret Lagrimas, and Lykee Angelique Padilla)

Dec 7 (3)

My Ballet Buddy! Hahaha.

(With Joshua Santillan)

December 17 – UPM Lantern Parade

University of the Philippines Manila

Dec 17 (3)

‘Cause it’s College of Nursing’s 65th Year!

Dec 17 (8)

Le Family! Finally, a family picture!

(With Lika Mizukoshi, Arvin Matabang, Florence Roselle Adalin, Samantha Noelle Aquino, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Neil Roy Rosales, Irish Paullen Palomeno, and Rooby Ann Soriano)

Dec 17 (2)

With Ma’am Dones!

(With Alyssa Gayle Merilles, Eiryll Kathreen De Jose, Francine Ayana Pingco, Jastine Wenn Galvez, Jill Olivia Bañares, Jenishia Maria Romano, Anne Kathleen Garcia, Justine Mae Alamar, Aneliese Torres, Paula Grace Gaerlan, Lika Mizukoshi, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Ma’am Luz Barbara Dones, and Florence Roselle Adalin)

Dec 17 (7)

With Sir Arnold Peralta!

(With Justine Mae Alamar, Jill Olivia Bañares, Lika Mizukoshi, Aneliese Torres, Florence Roselle Adalin, Chelubai Pantaleon, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Sir Arnold Peralta, Claire Anne Jove, Alyssa Gayle Merilles, and Francine Ayana Pingco)

Dec 17 (6)

Pagod. Paos. Uhaw. Bored. At higit sa lahat, gutom.

(With Arvin Matabang, Lika Mizukoshi, Florence Roselle Adalin, Justine Mae Alamar, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Rooby Ann Soriano, and Neil Roy Rosales)

Dec 17 (1)

Peace! Haha!

(With Eiryll Kathreen De Jose)

Dec 17 (5)

With our lovely adviser, Ma’am Jenniffer T. Paguio!

(With Faisal Jackarain, Jastine Wenn Galvez, Joshua Santillan, Jill Olivia Bañares, Janine Marielle Maramba, Eiryll Kathreen De Jose, Rooby Ann Soriano, Anne Kathleen Garcia, Aneliese Torres, Paula Grace Gaerlan, Jenishia Maria Romano, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Florence Roselle Adalin, Justine Mae Alamar, Lika Mizukoshi, and Arvin Matabang)

Dec 17 (4)


(With Joshua Santillan)

December 18 – Ellee’s 18th

Fernbrook Gardens, Las Piñas City

Dec 18 (6)

(With Florence Roselle Adalin, Irish Paullen Palomeno, and Fabbette Laire Lagas)

Dec 18 (4)

The girls!

(With Irish Paullen Palomeno, Florence Roselle Adalin, Patricia Micah Cura, Ji Young Lee, Micahella Jane Merencilla, Maria Alexandra Santos, and Fabbette Laire Lagas)

Dec 18 (5)

The Flower was edible, they said. It’s yummy, they said. Well, it’s true. Haha!

(With Fabbette Laire Lagas and Joshua Santillan)

Dec 18 (9)

Heels, heels scattered on the dance floor~

(With Fabbette Laire Lagas)

Dec 18 (3)

‘Cause heels are pleasure with pain. Daw. Haha!

(With Fabbette Laire Lagas)

Dec 18 (2)

Are you drunk yet? Jk.

(With Neil Roy Rosales, Joshua Santillan, and Florence Roselle Adalin)

Dec 18 (1)

‘Cause huehuehue. I told you, Laire. You are not epal on this photo. :3

(With Joshua Santillan, Fabbette Laire Lagas, Florence Roselle Adalin, Neil Roy Rosales, and Benedict Mark Bunal right behind. Hehe)

Dec 18 (7)

With the Debutante!

(With Joshua Santillan and Lika Mizukoshi)

Dec 18 (8)

‘Cause issue again. Hahahaha. Let’s just ride on with the issue. K-Pop style!

(With Joshua Santillan)

And most of all,

I’ve learned to move on. 🙂


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