Just His Friend

6 Jan

He’s cute, he’s nice
He has beautiful eyes
I didn’t notice
What everyone else sees

He’s a sweet brother
A thoughtful significant other
He’s a street smart
God made him like art

My friend loves him
Even if his heart is taken
I, too, like him
But that was then

Intrigues came
Reputations ruined
I was the one to blame
Something had to end

He’s my ideal guy
That I can’t deny
But it hurts in the end
That I’m just his friend

I got this poem published on my school paper way back in high school. My adviser even asked me if she knows the person I dedicated this to upon submission.

I just wanted to post it here because even though this poem is specific to ‘that’ person and to the whole situation, I can’t help but apply some of the lines in my life today.

Especially the first and second stanza.

But most importantly, the last stanza, and the title itself.


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