10 Signs Somebody Has A Crush On You

9 Jan

Thought Catalog

1. If They Add You On Facebook/Follow You On Twitter RIGHT After You Meet

If you’re looking for a flashing hint that somebody’s 100% definitely interested in you, look no further than social media! Say you’ve just met this impossibly hot person and you were so smitten by them and you can’t wait to have, like, 10,000 of their babies. Don’t even bother exchanging numbers. As soon as you get home, check your Facebook — they’ve already added you as a friend! Or maybe they found you on Twitter and Tweeted something awesome and adorable like “Had the best time with @sunshinegirl11222.” When somebody engages your social media self, that’s when you know they’re interested.

2. If They Are Always Inviting You Out To Do Cool, Amazing Things

The great part about the beginning of new relationships is getting to know each other. And what better way to get to…

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