Different Hearts, Same Heartbreak

27 Jan

“You don’t know yourself until you’ve had your heart broken.”

Thought Catalog

Our hearts have minds of their own, separate from our brains. Some hearts are punching bags, taking jab after jab before softening out again, only to be sucker punched from behind in the next round. Some hearts are guarded, with walls high enough to shield the insecurities that shine in their eyes. Then there are the hearts that hold so much love, they need to give it away because it’s just in their nature to.

The punching bag hearts suffer hit after hit but are always right back in the ring, ready to take on the next boxer in hopes that it might just be the heavy weight champ. The guarded hearts keep their walls high, but one day another will come along who is valiant enough to climb the walls and eventually break them down to discover a treasure behind the barrier. The hearts that hold so much love…

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