5 Reasons You Should Date A Nice Guy

23 Mar

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Thought Catalog


We all know the phrase, “Nice guys finish last,” some maybe a little too well. However, in my experience, I don’t see nice guys finishing last. I see them finishing closer to first. Or at least in the top 10. See, I like nice guys. Given the choice between a “nice guy” and a “bad boy” type, I’d choose the nice guy any day. Here’s why.

All the small things

Nice guys know all the small things count. Whether they’re scraping ice off your car in the winter or sending you a Valentine’s Day card in the mail, nice guys know those little things are worthwhile. I don’t mention this because I love Hallmark Holidays, or because I can’t do various forms of manual labor myself. I mention it because the act of simply doing the “little things” is so attractive. Scraping your car in a cold Chicago winter…

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