I Think I Want To Marry You

15 Apr

Thought Catalog


I think I want to marry you, and that scares the shit out of me. My whole life, I’ve been led to believe that marriage sucks. Every sitcom and comedian has cashed in on the joke that is monogamy. My coworkers are constantly complaining about their spouses. Even my friends and family have shown me that long after saying “I do,” all the things I love about my relationship will change. It’s engrained in me. I’ve come to believe that spontaneity will stop, romantic gestures will become extinct, sparks will fade, and sex (when it actually happens) will be vanilla and boring.

Statistics tell me there’s a good change this won’t last. None of my past relationships have lasted, which is why I’m here now. So why even marry? Why spend half a years’ salary on a one-day celebration to join ourselves and families if it’s inevitably going to…

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