[ONESHOT] Save The Last Dance For Me (2011)

1 Jun

Author’s Note: I wrote this for a certain mini-contest haha but I actually enjoyed writing this. ❤ and this is my first legit straight fanfic. (Yes, my first fanfic was boy x boy. :)))


Sunday, June 26, 8PM; South Korea

“Where is he now?!” Jiyoung said, losing her patience.

“If Eli doesn’t arrive in 5 minutes, I’m seriously leaving this place.”

After 5 minutes, Eli didn’t arrive. Jiyoung stood up and walked out of the door of the restaurant. She’s still in front of the place until someone grabbed her shoulder to make her face this person.

“Yes, I know. It was because of your busy schedule. You don’t have to repeat it all over again.” said Jiyoung.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You might be tired of my apo—“ Eli was cut by Jiyoung.

“Yes, Eli. Yes. I’m tired. I’m very tired of your apologies. What time did we agree to meet? 2PM. What time is it now? 8PM.”

“I know, I know. I can ex—“

“At least Xander had time for me when he was still in your stupid group!” yelled Jiyoung.

“There you are again, comparing me with Xander-hyung. Fine. He did a better job at being your boyfriend. I lose.”

“Of course! The only wrong thing that happened was he was kicked out of your stupid group then he moved back to Macao! He moved back to China!”’

Eli was speechless at this.

“You know, Eli? I’m tired. I’m tired of all these stuff. I want to go home.”

Eli didn’t budge to stop her knowing he was wrong.


Monday, June 27, 8AM; Macao

“So, it’s about a month before your birthday!” said Xander’s mom, Chungmi while serving breakfast on the table.

“Ay, oo nga pala! Saan mo gustong magdiwang?1” asked Xander’s dad, Anthony.

“Dad, puwede ba sa Pilipinas?  Nangungulila ako sa simoy ng hangin doon eh.2” replied Xander.

“Uhh, okay? So what are you talking about?” asked Xander’s sister, Victoria.

“Oh, sorry! Dad and I were trying to learn Filipino recently. I suddenly felt like I want to celebrate in the Philippines. What do you guys think?” replied Xander.

“That would be great! For once I would like to experience Philippines too!” said Victoria.

“But who would you invite, Dear?” asked Chungmi, while sitting by the table.

“U-Kiss?” asked Anthony.

“Maybe…I’ll think about it. First on my list are my closest friends first. I mean my friends here and—“

“How about Jiyoung? I mean, you met her here although she originally lives in Korea.” asked Vica.

“Hmm. It’ll be awkward if I ask her directly. I mean, I don’t know if she would want to come or something. Maybe I should just ask Eli to come with her.”

A little later…

“Hello?” said Kevin as he answered the phone.

“Kevin! You have no idea how much I miss you!” said Xander.

“Hyung! I miss you so much too! How are you doing?”

“I’m in a great state. LOL. Except for…I miss you guys.”

“Aww. You dropping by Korea anytime?”

“I’m not sure, though. Actually, I called to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Well, can you take the time off on the last week of July?”

“Hmm. I’ll still check our schedule. What for?”

“Well, I’m planning to celebrate my birthday in the Philippines, and I want you guys to come.”

“That would be great! Wait, I just checked our schedule, and yes, we’re free on that week since we’ll have our goodbye stage on the second week of July.”

“Really? That’s great! Actually, Vin, I want you to host the event, if you could.”

“I would love to! Anything for you, hyung!” said Kevin.

“Thanks, Kevin! By the way, please don’t say anything to the others yet. I’ll be the one to tell them.”

“Okay hyung! Anyway, I have to go.”

“Okay. See you then!”


After calling Kevin, Xander called Minseul, Hyunah, Hanbyul, Suzy, Kibum, Kiseop, Dongho and his other childhood friends to come to the celebration. He also called up Kwangmin to host the event with Kevin.

“There. I’m almost done inviting everyone. No one’s left except for…”

Seeing the list he prepared and saw who was the last one, he let out a heavy sigh.

“Hah. I can do this.”

He dialed Eli’s number back in Korea.

“Hello?” Eli answered.

“Hey, Eli! How’s it going?” asked Xander.

“Xander-hyung! I miss you! Big time! We’re about to wrap up our album promotions on the second week of July. What makes you call?”

“Well, actually, I was going to invite you to my birthday celebration.”

“That would be great!”

“Yeah, and I found out from the others that you’re free after the second week of July, so I figured you could come.”

“Sure thing, hyung!”

“Thank you, Eli!”

There was silence for a few seconds.

“Uhm, hyung?”

“Yes, Eli?”

“Mind if I ask Jiyoung to come? But if you mind, I won’t bring her. Don’t worry.”

“Sure, sure. You could bring her. As long as she is willing. Don’t force her, okay?”

“Okay hyung!”

“No problem! See you at the event, okay?”

“Okay hyung! Bye!”

“Okay, take care!”

Xander hung up the phone first.

“Whoa. That was easy.”

Victoria came into his room to check on him.

“Did you invite everyone already?”

“Yup. I’m getting a bit excited. LOL”


Monday, June 27, 11:30PM

“Baby, I’m so sorry for last night. Can I make it up for you with lunch at the steakhouse near your place? Promise I will be there before you get there. -Eli♥”

Jiyoung read the text message on her mobile phone after she woke up.

“Meh. This better be good, or else, Ellison Kim.”

Jiyoung got up from bed to wash up, and then went to the kitchen.

“Good morning, dear!” greeted Hyunah, her best friend.

“Good? I wish.” replied Jiyoung

“Wow. You just woke up and your morning isn’t good already?”

“Well, it’s about to be ruined.”

“How come?”

“Eli’s about to meet with me at the steakhouse nearby. If he messes up on this, we’re so over.”

“Come on. Go easy on the guy! I mean, it’s like he’s been idling himself while not fulfilling his promises. You are dating an idol for crying out loud! He’s basically working for you. His future with you.”

“Fine, fine. I guess I’m too spoiled by Xander. I mean, Xander was an idol once too, and he never broke any promises. He always had time for me.”

“Well, Jiyoung. Eli and Xander are two different people. You should always understand that. Stop comparing people because one can’t be exactly the same as the other.”

Jiyoung let out a sigh.

“Anyway, here. Eat your brunch. You have to meet Eli in a moment.”

After eating brunch, Jiyoung took a bath and dressed up.

“Looks like you’re ready to go.” said Hyunah.

“Yup. Eli better not ruin this day. I’m off.”

“Okay dear. Take care, okay?”

“Yes, mom!” Jiyoung jokingly said.

Jiyoung walked down the street until she reached the door of the said food establishment. To her surprise, Eli was indeed there, waiting for her.

“Wow. You actually fulfilled your promise this time.” said Jiyoung

“Of course. I said I want to make it up for last night, right?” said Eli

“Uh-huh. Great. So yeah. What do you want to do?”

“Here’s the thing. Are you busy on the last week of July?”

“Uhm, no? I guess not. My company’s next project is not until September.”

“That’s great. You’re coming with me!”

“What? Wait, where are you going?”

“To the Philippines!”

“Uh, for what?”

“A birthday party!”

“Whose birthday?”

“Can you guess?”

“Hmm, it’s last week of July…”


“The first person that comes to mind…”




“He’s actually celebrating his birthday in the Philippines?”

“Well, I have no idea why, but he’s inviting us.”

“Us? Are you sure he invited me?”

“Well, he said you can come if you want to. But if you don’t it’s fine.”

Jiyoung was in deep thought.

“So, do you want to come?”

“Okay, sure! When do we leave for Philippines?”

“Not yet sure. Xander-hyung will update us as the date approaches so yeah.”



About three weeks passed and Xander’s party is a week away. Kevin and Kwangmin went to the Philippines ahead of time to prepare with the Eusebios.


Thursday, July 21, 7PM; South Korea

Eli and Jiyoung went out on a date. They’re in Lotte World.

“So we’ll be leaving for Philippines in a week?” asked Jiyoung.

“Hmm. I guess so. I guess you’re excited.”

“Yeah. I miss Xander.”

Eli went speechless. Jiyoung noticed so she said…

“It’s so nice to go on a date here, you know? Why don’t we take a ride?”

“Sure. Anywhere you want.”

They went on Viking and Eli got a bit dizzy.

“Wow. That went crazy.” said Eli.

“I guess so. Let’s just roam around first.”

They walked around the park and bought amusement park goodies until a unique store caught Jiyoung’s attention. Jiyoung grabbed Eli’s hand as she approached the store.

“Look, Eli! How cute is th—“ Jiyoung was shocked when she found out that the hand she just grabbed isn’t Eli’s hand.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry! I thought I grabbed the hand of my friend.”

“It’s okay, miss! No problem at all. Go find your friend. He might be lost.” said the unknown guy.

“Okay. Sorry!” said Jiyoung as she kept bowing to the guy.

Jiyoung looked for Eli in the crowd. Luckily, she recognized Eli’s disguise in a distance so it was no big deal. She approached him and went back to the store.

“Where did you go?” asked Eli.

“Well I thought I grabbed your hand so yeah. Let’s go to the store now.”

They went to the store and browsed through the items.

“Look! This green wig looks cute. It suits you! Hahaha!” said Jiyoung

“Yah! I will look weird in that.”

“What are you talking about?! This is a better disguise than the one you are wearing right now!”

“If I use that as a disguise, it isn’t a disguise at all! People will think it’s weird and they will recognize me!”

“Fine, fine. Don’t use this as a disguise, but I’m getting this for you to wear some other time.”

As she got the green wig, she browsed through the items again. She saw a cap with “Jesus” written on it. She stared at it for a while.

“Waaah. This reminds me of Xander. I think it will be great to buy him this as a present.” she thought.

She grabbed the cap and paid to the cashier.

“A cap? What for?” asked Eli.

“It reminded me of Xander, so I planned to give it to him as a birthday present.”

“Cool. Very nice. I think he’ll love it.”

The night went cold so they decided to walk their way home. They finally reached Jiyoung’s place.

“So, see you then?” asked Jiyoung.

“Well, I guess that would be on our flight to the Philippines.”

“Uhm. Okay. Call me when you reach home, okay?”

“Okay. Goodnight!”

Eli watched Jiyoung go inside her house and walked his way back to his place.


Thursday, July 28, 7AM; Incheon Airport, South Korea

“Xander-hyung we’re headed to the Philippines!” said Eli on the phone.

“This early? Wow. LOL. You got the boys and Jiyoung with you?”

“Yup! We’re all set!”

“That’s great, then. See you!” said Xander and hung up.

“Kyaaaaa! Philippines! I miss the Philippines!” said Dongho.

“Same here! Should we show ourselves to Kiss Me?” asked Kiseop

“Of course! Only if they could catch us. LOL” said Eli.

After a few minutes, the plane took off. The first hour of the trip, they spent it by chatting. They started to doze off after several minutes, except for Eli.

Eli was watching the clouds go by until he heard a murmur from Jiyoung.


Eli continued to listen. He thought she may be dreaming.

“X-X-X-X-X-X-Xander? You’re…you’re..back?!”

“So he’s dreaming about hyung.” Eli thought.

“You have no idea how much I missed you! How have you been?”

Eli felt a tingling sense of jealousy.

“…but you know what? I…still love you.”

By hearing this. Eli felt a tear about to fall from his left eye. He checked if the others were sleeping as he got his handkerchief to wipe the tear off.

After a few moments, the plane landed.

“Guys! We’re here! Pilipinas!” said Eli, causing Jiyoung, Kiseop, Kibum, and Dongho to wake up.”

“Okay, let’s eat some nice Filipino food at the hotel! I’m starving.” said Kibum.

“But first, how do we get there?” asked Eli.

“Well, why don’t we try getting off this plane and check for WiFi signals in the airport so you may tweet Xander-hyung.” Kiseop suggested.

“How I wish Xander-hyung is on Twitter right now…” said Eli.

They got off the plane and went inside the airport.

“Got any signal?” asked Jiyoung.

“Yep! And yes, Xander-hyung left a message on Twitter.”

“What does it say?” asked Kibum.

“”Eli. You will be welcomed by a woman in jeans and pink shirt…” Wait. Look for someone in pink shirt right now.” said Eli as he continued to read the message.

“”…she will be holding a sign which says “얘들아! 다라와~3”…” See anything yet?”

Dongho looks around and yells, “There she is! Is she the one?”

Eli looks at where Dongho pointed and checked the specifications on Xander’s message and read the last line to himself. “”…her name is Park Minseul.” Yep. That’s her.”

Kibum and Dongho rushed to the woman, followed by Eli and the rest.

“Are you Minseul?” asked Eli.

“Yes! That’s me. Xander prepared the place for you guys to stay. Please wait here until I get the van.” said Minseul as she ran off.

“Waaah. She’s cool. She drives a van?” said Kibum.

Not for long, the van arrived in front of them.

“얘들아!4 Hop in~” shouted Minseul from inside the van

“멋있다~5” said Dongho in awe.

They got in the van and chatted.

“So, it’s not your first time in the Philippines, right guys?” asked Minseul.

“Yep! We kind of missed this place too.” said Kiseop.

“So, you’re familiar with Manila Hotel?”

“Yes. We stayed there one time.”

“Great. That’s where you’re staying.”

“Yippee! Room service! Food!” Kibum shouted.

The boys looked at him.

“What?! I’m hungry.”

“If you guys are hungry, why don’t we stop by a restaurant?”

“Sure!” yelled Kibum with excitement.

They went to a restaurant and ate there. They went to the hotel afterwards to rest.

“So the room right here is for Jiyoung alone. You boys occupy the room over there. Okay?”

“Yes, Noona!” said the boys in unison.

“Here’s a local mobile phone. Xander’s number is saved in that phone, so as mine. If you need assistance about anything, give a ring, okay?” said Minseul.

“Okay, Noona! Have a safe trip!” said Eli.

“You guys go ahead the room, I’ll just assist Jiyoung with her luggage.” said Eli.

Eli followed Jiyoung to her room.


“Yes, baby?”

“Can we talk? I mean, a heart to heart talk?”

“What’s this about, baby?”

Eli sat by the bed as Jiyoung watched him. Eli let out a sigh.

“Tell me the truth. You’re still in love with Xander hyung, right?”

Jiyoung was speechless. She sat by Eli on the bed and silently nodded. Eli gave Jiyoung a hug. Jiyoung let out a sob.

“I understand, Jiyoung-ah. I knew it from the start.” Eli said, struggling to contain a stable voice, but he’s about to release a tear.

“Eli-yah. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for talking all about Xander, for comparing you to Xander.”

“It’s okay, Jiyoung. This may sound cheesy, but you do know that I love you right?”

Jiyoung nodded.

“Now I’m giving you a chance to let your heart decide. In case you choose Xander-hyung over me, no hard feelings. We could still be friends. And besides, I’m all for your happiness.”

Jiyoung remained silent.

“I know you couldn’t say it directly. If you choose me, hug me. If you choose Xander-hyung, hug my right arm.”

After about a few minutes, Jiyoung’s arm sworn around Eli’s right arm. After realizing it, Eli cried tears silently.

“I’m sorry, Eli.” Jiyoung said as she stood up and grabbed Eli’s hands.

“No, it’s fine. It makes no sense if you stay with me when you’re not happy at all.”

“Thanks for understanding, Eli!” Jiyoung hugged Eli. Both of them are teary-eyed.

“Anything for you!”

They hugged each other for a moment until Eli broke the hug.

“Now, why don’t you rest? We still have a birthday event to attend tomorrow.” said Eli as he stood up and walked to the door.

“Okay. Thanks again, Eli.” Jiyoung said as she lead him to the door.

“See you tomorrow!” said Eli.

“You too. Rest well~” said Jiyoung as she closed the door.

“It hurts, I know. But I’m doing this all for you.” Eli said, as the door closed.


Friday, July 29, 5PM; Manila, Philippines.

“Guys! Anytime you’re ready, give me a ring, okay? said Xander, on the phone.

“Okay! We’re currently dressing up! Well, actually, I’m done, hyung. I’m waiting for them.” said Dongho.

After a few moments, everyone came out in their formal dresses.

“Whoa, you look fantastic, Jiyoung!” said Kibum

“Thanks, Kibum!”

“Should I give Xander-hyung a call now?” asked Eli.

“Go~” responded Kiseop.

Eli called Xander up to know they’re ready. In a few minutes the car arrived and they all went in. They arrived at the venue.

“This place looks fancy!” said Dongho.

“Of course! Xander-hyung prepared this especially for us. LOL Kidding.” said Kibum.

“I can’t wait to see Xander!” said Jiyoung.

They went inside and saw Xander entertaining the other guests. They walked towards Xander until he noticed them.

“Guys! Glad you’re here! I missed you all so much!” Xander exclaimed as he hugged everyone of them.

Xander led them to the table where they are assigned.

“You guys settle down here first. The program’s about to start, don’t worry.”


“Good evening, ladies and gents!” said Kwangmin.

“Welcome to the 23rd birthday celebration of our dear Alexander Lee Eusebio!” said Kevin.

“First off, let’s start this with a prayer. Uncle A?”

Uncle A led everyone to a prayer.

The program went on as planned.

“Xander is to dance 23 girls tonight. Although the 23rd dance is his personal choice. “

Chungmi was his first dance. Victoria was the second, and it went on until the 12th dance.

“It seems that everyone is hungry. We’ll pause here for a moment for us to eat!” said Kevin.

Xander was seated by a long table at the front, with his dad, his mom, his sister, and an unknown girl.

Kevin went to Eli and company’s table to eat. After eating, Kevin went back to his post.

Eli then stood up to give something to Kevin and whispered something.

“Kindly give this to Xander before the 23rd dance.” whispered Eli.

Eli then walked to the washroom.

Meanwhile, Jiyoung was observing Xander’s table. He was sitting beside this girl. This girl…appears to be affectionate. Could it be…Xander’s…new girlfriend?

“Jiyoung, why do you seem uneasy?” asked Kibum.

“That…that girl beside Xander. Who is she?”

“Kevin said she is Xander’s friend. Why?”

“You sure? She seems…intimate towards Xander.”

“Why? You’re jealous? Haha. Kidding.”

Jiyoung went speechless after this. She also noticed that Eli was taking too long in the wash room.

“Now it’s time for the 13th dance!” announced Kwangmin.

The dance went on until the 22nd dance. Xander rested for a while when Kevin gave Xander something.

“I guess you have to read this before anything else tonight.”

Xander read the letter as Kevin and Kwangmin was entertaining the guests.

What did the letter say?

“And now, the 23rd dance. The last dance. Who shall it be? Are you ready, Xander?” Kevin said.

Xander nodded and stood up. Jiyoung closed her eyes because she doesn’t want to be hurt. Xander searched the crowd and went to the girl he chose…

Everyone cheers as Xander said…

“Ms. Moon Jiyoung, may I have this dance?”

Jiyoung slowly opened her eyes and found Xander’s hand waiting for her hand. With confusion,  she grabbed Xander’s hand and followed him to the center.

“Xander, why did you—“

“I won’t be fooling around anymore. I love you, Jiyoung. I never actually forgot you when I moved back to Macao.”


“Eli told me everything. He left a letter before leaving this place.”

“He left this place?”

“Yep. He left you in my care. Aren’t you happy?”

Jiyoung was speechless as she hugged Xander.

“I love you, Xander. Very much.”

“Aww. I love you too, my dear Jiyoung.”

Xander stopped dancing and grabbed the microphone from Kevin.

“Everyone, I present to you, the woman I love. Moon Jiyoung.” Xander said through the microphone.

Everyone cheered as Xander held Jiyoung’s face and crashed his lips against hers.


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