5 Things Writing Has Taught Me About Love

18 Jan

Thought Catalog

1. Remember The Details

Writers are taught to pay attention to detail.

They remember the big things, the small things, and the things that never happened at all. They remember that yellow shirt from the 80s you wore the first time you met. They remember the first compliment they gave you and the way the four strangers at the table by the window smiled like they knew just how desperately it had been clawing to get out. Writers remember the first and only time you said “I love you” and how you meant it the way a sailor loves the wind, dependent and reliant. They can recall the stories you told to pass the time when you missed your train stop and all the stops they missed themselves. In the end, those are the things that matter the most.

2. Learn to Love Flaws

All writers know the best characters…

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